Sin of Lust (Will)

Lust, or letting yourself be consumed by desire, might not seem like a sin relevant to Animal Crossing. Relevant to Doom? Sure! The Doom Slayer loves to mumble the phrase “rip and tear” and is constantly talking about killing demons… he might need some help actually.

Sin of Sloth (Mike)

The Sin of Sloth is often known to be one of the most difficult sins to define. To keep things simple, we shall define it as a habitual disinclination to exertion, or laziness.

Sin of Gluttony (Will)

Gluttony, the notion of consuming or using something to the point of waste, definitely doesn’t apply to the Doom Slayer. Not only is he quick and concise in terms of dispatching the demons. He never talks, and from looking around the Fortress of Doom, I’d hazard a guess that he doesn’t eat either.

Sin of Greed (Mike)

Do we really need to explain how Greed relates to Animal Crossing?

Sin of Envy (Will)

The Doom Slayer arguably doesn’t have any emotions… well maybe rage. But certainly not envy. He just wants to kill demons; he doesn’t care how it gets done. He might be envious of someone else with a BFG-9000, but he wouldn’t let that stop him doing what he does best.

Sin of Wrath (Mike)

Now you might think that if there’s anything Doom can win in, it would be Wrath. And in fairness, that isn’t that hard to consider… At first.

Sin of Pride (Will)

Every sin comes back to pride. It can often be called hubris, a Greek word — where an excessive amount of pride, akin to gods, leads to nemesis. Nemesis being the downfall of someone with excessive hubris. Now Doomguy definitely doesn’t have pride or hubris. He kills gods because of their own pride. He’s the avenger, the balancing force in the universe. The Villager, or you, on the other hand…

So Animal Crossing Is More Sinful Than Doom

Ok, we aren’t serious. Really, with the way both communities interact with each other, it’s actually rather nice to see how something as simple as “having your game release at the same time,” can bring everyone together. Yeah, it’s silly to imagine the Doomslayer being best friends with Isabelle or giving Isabelle a double-barrel shotgun so she can rip and tear.



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