Are Nintendo Directs Enough?

Looking back on Nintendo’s most recent Direct on September 4th, one notices that they have a lot of good things coming up not only in this month, but for the rest of the quarter as well. A while ago, Nintendo decided that Nintendo Directs were the most efficient way to show what they have coming down the line, forgoing stage presentation spectacles like E3. Which really makes me wonder if Nintendo Directs are big enough for the announcements they’re giving.

A Lot to Choose From

You may have to forgive me for how trite the following statement is, but there really seemed to be something for everyone. If you don’t like Overwatch, you can look forward to Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition or Deadly Premonition 1 and 2. Don’t like those? How about Luigi’s Mansion 3 or Pokémon Sword and Shield? If you’re feeling retro, Jedi Outcast and Doom 64 were both announced as re-releases. If nothing else could capture your attention, you still have a new season of Smash characters announced.

The point is, a lot of exciting games were announced a couple days ago, and everyone seems excited about one or more of the announcements. I have a friend excited for Jedi Outcast and another friend excited to try Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time. You would not guess that from the Nintendo Direct format. The problem comes in when you notice the dryness of Nintendo’s delivery of the announcements. Are these Directs enough to convey how the audience should feel?

But Then Came Sakurai…

I can feel people protesting to this idea with the retort that Sakurai was anything but dry in his demonstration of Banjo-Kazooie. He was cracking jokes and even had the offscreen crew acting as a kind of studio audience. My issue with this line of thinking is that Sakurai’s moments came AFTER the actual Direct.

I would also like to note the comparison of watching a standup comedian live and watching a recording on your tablet. There can be such a disconnect when it’s a recording of someone livening things up. Sure, Sakaurai’s jokes were kind of humorous, but imagine how amped everyone would be if he demonstrated the new character in front of a live crowd. Nothing would beat the electricity of that room. Just imagine how epic an announcement ofa Sans skin and remix could have been if it had been built up more.

Remembering What Nintendo Directs Lose

I know I’m focusing on Sakurai a little much, but honestly, I was actually inspired to write this opinion piece by the sharp contrast of hype among my friends and the dryness of how Nintendo delivered the main Direct. Honestly, I can’t wait to jump back into Jedi Outcast. The way it was kind of shrugged off just said to me that Nintendo had a lot to get through and very little time. I understand this. I also guess I miss Reggie Fils Aimé and his personality as well.

Unfortunately, Nintendo will not go back to a stage presentation in the near future. In fact, Sony seems to have followed suit with their “State of Play” Directs. Before this turns into another “Is E3 Still Relevant” article, I just want to say that as long as showcases are turned into easily digestible YouTube videos, people will get what they came for, but something will be missing as well. I just don’t want people to forget that. Also don’t forget that Jedi Outcast and Doom 64 were awesome, but that’s for another time.

But what do you think? Do You Mind That Nintendo Directs Are More Low Key? What would you prefer to see from Nintendo? Let us know in the comments below!

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