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We are just barely halfway through 2020 and already it feels like it is going to be just as bumpy as the first half. If we were to describe this year so far, we can summarize it in three topics: Pandemics, Racial Injustice, and lots of unnerving allegations in various industries that would not be appropriate to talk about here. And while we are all in this never-ending ride together, one can say this is the reason why we play video games. Video games as a means to “escape reality” and to take our minds off the current events. However, one such game might have taken the idea a bit too far and the backlash from it is leaving many feeling as though it was not the appropriate action to take. This is the story of Fortnite and it’s growing influence in today’s world.

Fortnite as a social platform?

Whether you love or hate Fortnite, there’s no denying the influence the game has had on the world. It might be rather ironic to consider that the game just barely left Early Access at the start of this month (three years after its initial launch), but has grown to become a massive online phenomenon. Besides taking the “Free to Play” approach to draw players in, it also has grown quite the audience in the younger demographic too. Kids love themselves some Fortnite, and the game has been a source of actual marketing too.

What started off as silly little outfits for your player has suddenly turned into a giant advertising campaign for various films and home to actual “in-game” concerts such as for Travis Scott, Marshmello, and many others. Do you want to become a Mad Titan? Grab the Infinity Gauntlet and become Thanos. Want to become breathtaking? John Wick is an outfit you can buy in-game. Are you a Star Wars fan who wants a sneak peek at the upcoming Star Wars film? Come to Fortnite for a special sneak preview while the Millenium Falcon fights off a few TIE Fighters.

It seems insane to consider the reach Fortnite has, but it is that same reach that is causing some tension between players. This is nothing new for Fortnite since we did see stories expressing the concern about “exposing children to violence” but it’s something new entirely to use the game to showcase actual current events.