Are you tired of the same dull controller you used since buying your console? Or probably tired of the sticky residue attached to your controller? Well, you can upgrade your regular controller to an Xbox Elite Series…Oh, wait you only have 100 dollars left in your account? Well, you are in luck, because Power A has a cheaper alternative that is sure to give you the upgrade that you need. Introducing the Fusion Pro Wired Controller. Modeled similarly after the first party Xbox Elite Series controller, the Fusion Pro is in a class of its own in the third party department. While not the exact same as its Elite Series counterpart, the Fusion Pro should not be written off so easily. Let’s breakdown the ins and outs.

Looks and Feels

As stated earlier, the Fusion Pro Wired Controller is heavily modeled after the Xbox Elite Series controller. Which is not a bad thing at all. It’s not some generic cheap knock off either. The Fusion Pro Wired Controller has a very crisp and smooth look. It has a comfortable feel to it and quite solid, which, overall, gives it a good feeling in your hands. The controller has a bit of style to it with metal accents that surround the buttons, control sticks, and D-Pad areas. Giving it a sharp look that complements the soft matte surface finish. An added benefit to the metallic anesthetic is two additional swappable anti-friction rings. Which you can mix and match the outside of the control sticks in either silver or green. Of course, the back will comfort your hands well with the injected rubber grips that feel nice and locked in when held.

The control sticks feel fluid and responsive. The D-Pad sticks out nicely and is slightly bigger than the regular Xbox controller. Unfortunately, the D-Pad is not swappable like the Xbox Elite Series. It didn’t bother me too much, but it would have been nice to have the added versatility that is seen on the Elite controllers. The rumble is responsive and the vibrations feel great. The Fusion Pro also is available in two colors, both black and white, sort of like a day and night cycle. However, I got to say that the black looks awesome. It’s all presented beautifully within a very cool and durable case that is perfect for travel.

Features and Benefits

The Fusion Pro Wired Controller is diverse in its features. The one thing that stands out for me is the adaptive magnetic impulse triggers that can be adjusted through three levels. Each level provides a different trigger dip when you press down on them. I personally prefer the “T3” option because the dips are better than the regular Xbox controller. I tested each trigger out and I felt right at home with the lowest option available. The control sticks can be swapped from shorter to longer. Which offers a good range of movement especially for competitive shooters. It’s easy to swap out with the controller’s magnetic faceplate that can be removed within seconds. As seen in the Xbox Elite Series, the Fusion Pro has a mappable pro pack that is detectable. This adds the most versatility for optimizing your gaming experience with mappable buttons on the back.

It’s a pretty simple process too:

  1. Attach the Pro Pack
  2. Hold the “Program” button on the back for a good three-second while the front LED blinks
  3. Select the surface button you want to map and select the back panel you want that button for and then finished

It’s that simple!

The controller also features a 3.5 mm audio jack that allows you to plug in your headset to hear all the game noise and teammate insults. Ah perfect. The Fusion Pro controller is not wireless, however, which lacks the versatility of regular battery-powered controllers on the market. While it doesn’t require batteries, it does come with a near 10 foot (3 Meters) USB cord that makes things better. Unless you are completely social distancing yourself from your console, you should be fine. I just wish it had the same battery capabilities as the PS4 controllers with the USB acting as a charging port instead.


Power A’s Fusion Pro Wired Controller is definitely one of the best controllers on the market. Don’t let the third party sticker fool you into not believing how good this controller is. While it doesn’t have all the capabilities of an Xbox Elite Series controllers such as custom profiles and adjustable tension analog sticks, it does have an assortment of good ones. It didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable with the look and feel of the controller. The features included with this Power A beast were a very nice addition for the price of admission.

For $80, you are getting a controller with four swappable sticks, a mappable button pack, 3-way trigger locks, a soft matte finish, rubber grips, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a cool carrying case. Let’s not forget the stickers that come with the controller too. For all that included in the price tag, its the no question that the Fusion Pro Wired Controller is worth every penny.

Fusion Pro Wired Controller is available at Official Power A Site, Gamestop, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy