While playing the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, I started thinking about elements of other games that would work well in Crash. Here’s my list of the top six games Crash Bandicoot could take inspiration from in future installments:

Top Six Games the Next Crash Bandicoot Could Take Inspiration From

1. Spiderman

Crash Bandicoot games are notorious for their complicated movements, so how cool would a grappler element be? Imagine swinging across the jungle or a temple with a grapple function like Marvel’s Spider-Man. You could have whole levels made of purely swinging. Maybe it could be some tech Neo Cortex developed that you have to steal in an early level.

2. Animal Crossing

There are a whole bunch of characters in Crash Bandicoot, most of them villains you have to defeat in boss levels. I think it would be a nice touch to have a way of collecting them, and having short profiles about them, as you beat them. It would be a fantastic way of commemorating Crash’s past as a Playstation icon. Something similar to the concept of collecting villagers in the Animal Crossing games.

3. Grand Theft Auto

This may seem a bit obscure, but I love the driving levels on Crash Bandicoot: Warped, so some elements of Grand Theft Auto wouldn’t go amiss in future Crash games. Racing against Neo Cortex through a pesky Crash level? Sign me up. It would be even more fun if you were seen as the bad guy and Cortex as a cop-type figure who was trying to catch you. Throw Tawna in as well, and you have Grand Theft Auto a la Crash Bandicoot. Besides, his name is Crash.

4. Spyro the Dragon

Sure, you can collect stuff in Crash Bandicoot, but it’s basically the same old boxes. Hide something more fun in the bonus levels and let me get my gamer rage on when I can’t get them. Or, if you really want to set me off, start counting my wumpa fruits for each level. In Spyro, there are bonus levels for Sparx, so it’d be cool to see some Aku Aku levels. It’d be nice to understand him as a character more too.

5. Death Stranding

Crash Bandicoot is so popular in the gaming world that a concept like the notes you can leave on the map in Death Stranding would go down a treat with Crash fans. Whether it’s help with a tricky part of a level, or “Wumpa fruit here,” it would be fun, not to mention nostalgic, to be able to communicate with other classic Playstation fans while playing Crash.

6. World of Warcraft

WoW, with its constant expansions and updates, could be something to strive for in the next Crash Bandicoot game. Gaming in 2020 means a lot of constantly updated games and a ton of DLC. There’s never been any DLC for Crash Bandicoot, and it would be excellent to see some, one day. It could include extra maps, bonus levels, or even outfits for Crash. I love his blue shorts as much as the next person, but it might be fun to put him exclusively in his pink heart boxers or motorbike gear.

There is so much more for Crash Bandicoot developers to work with, including these top six games the next Crash Bandicoot could take inspiration from. What would you like to see in a new Crash game? Why not check out all our other editorials here?