What’s GreedFall About?

GreedFall takes place in a world set in a world rampant with war and plague. You play De Sardet, a member of the noble class from the Merchant Congregation. The Merchant Congregation is one of many nations from the Old Continent. The Old Continent is dying. War, pollution, and overpopulation make it a horrible place to live. The Merchant Congregation faces a deadly plague that threatens the livelihood of its citizens.

GreedFall‘s Character Customization


Regardless of the class you choose, the skill tree is the same. You will have access to one skill point every time you level up, and you can also find bonus skill points through exploration. Skills are categorized based on class. However, you can choose to upgrade skills in a different class if you so choose. However, it’s recommended you upgrade your respective class skills first.


Attributes, which take a while to level up, help you unlock access to better armor, weapons, and other accessories. You are given an attribute point at the beginning of the game, and a new point is given every three levels. Forbes has done a good job of breaking down what each attribute unlocks. Here’s a summary:


Talent points will require more forethought than skills or attributes. These points are only given every four levels, and you can only upgrade a talent three times. Talents unlock and improve character abilities.

Combat in GreedFall

Decision Making and Companions in GreedFall

Decision making is a crucial part of GreedFall, as it is with any RPG. You can destroy alliances and mend relationships, which will affect the outcome of the game. Be careful with the decisions you make, especially if you value diplomacy.

Should You Play GreedFall?

If you’re looking for a game that honors classic RPG mechanics, then yes, you should. The game was nominated for 2019’s “Best RPG” at the Titanium Awards. It has been well-received by IGN and Game Informer.



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