Jedi Fallen Order Makes Me Upset At EA

  • The “highly-anticipated” title from Bioware, Anthem, was met with a shrug and how the game seemingly died and is in the process of a (hopeful Final Fantasy 14-style) restoration.
  • Battlefield V got overshadowed and left many questioning the state of the game throughout 2019 (including leading to a giant 1-day stock dip in more than a decade).
  • EA Sports titles being… Well… EA Sports titles with how it is more apparent than ever that the titles seem to focus more on MTs-filled modes and not the actual gameplay, including why the Switch version was literally the same game from last year.
  • Apex Legends, the best “Fortnite alternative,” someone can play having a special event that had a $170 Axe.
  • And to top it all off:

Letting developers do their thing

Fears for EA’s future plans


Will EA learn from the success of Jedi Fallen Order?



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