For a game that is over ten years old now, League of Legends is making some big changes to how they are approaching the old with the new. Alongside with all the new changes to the gameplay and teases of upcoming champions, Riot is once more diving back into the Champion update and are looking at five possible choices of who should get their visuals and gameplay (VGU) updated for the current version of the game.

Previously, we got to see updates done for champions like Fiddlesticks and Volibear, and last year Dr. Mundo got his chance to get an update later this year. With a redesign, it can feel as though the character gets a new breath of fresh air in what they can do while making them feel even more vital to the world of Runeterra. Or at least that’s the hope. So out of these five choices, who could we see get the chance at an update? Let’s take a look at our choices and find out.

The leftover choices from 2020

If you recall the last poll done by Riot Games, you know there were five possible choices to pick from. While three of them have (or will be getting) an update, two have continued to linger around and are waiting to see if they could get anything to their kits. Here is a quick recap of the two.

Nocturne: The Eternal Nightmare

Out of the five choices, one could argue Nocture is, by far, the most popular pick. As an assassin, Nocturne does really well at being able to isolate enemies and chase them down. That and with his ultimate, he can literally limit the sight of all enemy champions while dashing towards his target to take them out.

In a sense, Nocturne has been a literal nightmare to deal with. Or at least he was since how from time to time, he randomly drops in and out of people’s main category. Riot themselves have stated while his gameplay and visuals are already strong, there’s something about him that isn’t really clicking with players. As such, if they were to choose Nocturne, they would want to really go all-in on his fantasy of being a living nightmare.

What’s funny is that in a sense, out of the five picks, Nocturne probably would be the one who needs this redesign the least. Of course, he does need some kind of update since he does kind of come off as something that doesn’t really fit his own motif. Yes, he’s supposed to be like a “Freddy Kruger” of League of Legends, but does he really fit the remake category?

Thankfully with what we’ve seen from Legends of Runeterra, It does feel like we could have a small taste of what a proper Nocturne would look like, but we’ll have to wait and see if he would be the one who wins the poll.

Shyvana- The Half-Dragon

In the last poll for 2020 VGU updates, Shyvana actually was 3rd in that list behind Fiddlesticks and Volibear (while placing first among China voters). As such, it would be safe to assume that there is some demand for her to get an update so we can enjoy playing as someone who can do quite a lot, right?

Well… That does seem to be a slight complication. She is a strong fighter, a reasonable jungler, and someone with a decent kit to her, but she does fall into a category where (as Riot put it), “wasn’t fully delivering on their thematic promise.” They mentioned such champions like Irelia and Akali where they had fascinating backstories and interesting moves, but they didn’t really feel like they were meeting those expectations until after they got a rework.

In a sense, Shyvana is almost like the “last of” those who have this untapped potential that can be drawn out, but we aren’t really quite there yet in seeing it. To allow her to make it seem that when she’s in her dragon form, she can be even more formidable and destructive than what she can do in her human form. Will her time finally come? Hopefully, it will. After all, her latest upcoming skin does show what we could see in terms of visuals.

The Newcomers

So while one would think that the Nightmare or the Half-Dragon would probably be front runners considering how they were leftovers from the last vote, that doesn’t mean they have top priority over other characters that are in great need of a rework too. Considering who we have, it is likely the fans could vote for one of the following three too, but who could it be. Is it possible that one of these three need a more urgent update than those who have been waiting in line for much longer? Let’s review the final choices.

Quinn- Demacia’s Wings

Out of the five possible choices, Quinn (and her partner Valor) are the newest of the picks; coming out in 2013 (whereas the other choices were from 2011 or 2009). You would think that this Marksman who is a pretty solid pick for the top lane would probably be just fine, right? Well… not exactly.

In a sense, the idea of calling down Valor to back you up in fights should be something that makes you feel like you are controlling two characters at one time. “You are the ranger who is working in perfect harmony with your warhawk.” But when you see how Valor works in-game, it can feel like his contributions to the player is nothing more than “Bird-Shaped missiles” (a nice way to put it Riot).

Now if we were being completely honest here, it does feel like Quinn’s placement in the poll feels like filler; someone to help fill the poll to five slots. Mind you, Does Quinn need an update? Certainly. But it feels like she is lower on the priority in comparison to others that need the update. Even her description in the LoL post is the shortest of all three new picks. Hopefully, she and Valor will be able to spread their wings, but who knows if the necessity is there to see it done right away.

At least she is getting a new skin in 2021 after many years of flying under the radar.

Skarner- The Crystal Vanguard

To think how last year, Skarner was the champ that went the longest without a new skin. Five years in fact. Thankfully with the recent addition of “Cosmic Sting Skarner, this fighter finally got some long-needed attention. Not to mention that he too is also a pretty solid pick for the Jungle as he can use his crystalline energy to take down enemies while also being able to drag them around to places where they might not want to go.

Riot themselves did confess that Skarner is really one of the least played champs in League of Legends and how he does need a lot of work. Although it is questionable why they thought the “Crystal Scorpion” was a generic idea. Really, it does feel like that was one of the more unique ideas Riot made, but let’s continue.

In a sense, Skarner’s kit does a bit of everything, but not enough to make him really standout (outside of the aforementioned “drag enemies around”). Hopefully, by reworking him, Riot will make him feel even more unique than he is now rather than being tied to a tragic tale of how his fellow crystal scorpions apparently have their souls power a pop singer’s platform. Oh, that’s still a story that keeps people wondering if Seraphine is actually evil, oblivious, or an overall misunderstanding. Maybe this rework will help to fix that… maybe…

Udyr- The Spirit Walker

The last pick of the polls is one that many feel will probably win very easily with no issues. But for the sake of finality, let’s talk about the man who is one of the oldest champions that came out within the first year of League of Legends: Udyr.

So where do we start with this fighter? While he is someone who can do fairly well in the Jungle, his top lane presence leaves a lot to be desired. This warrior-shaman does have the ability to swap between several forms and is the only champ whose kit revolves around how he can modify his basic melee attacks. While literally any other melee character has a means to either strike from a distance or chase down their target, Udyr focuses solely and mainly in just the way he attacks and that’s it. In a sense, Riot wants to make it where all his forms are useful to him rather than feeling like you have to stick with just one form.

Udyr is a real challenge to figure out since his greatest feats are also his greatest flaws. But to say that his current kit is outdated would be a literal understatement. Riot does have some pride in him if he got one of literally six “Ultimate Skins.” And heck, he was the second character to ever get one.

Who knows if the voting will be as cut and dry as one could think, but it does feel like with what was done with his later skins, Udyr’s base attire (and more specifically, his overall kit) is in drastic need of an update.

What do you think?

Which League of Legends Champ are you voting for? Which character needs a rework in both their visuals and gameplay the most? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming as we will be continuing to recap the announcements and to discuss further of what to expect out of the game as it prepares for its upcoming 2021 season. Thank you and stay safe out there.