It is hard to believe that Batman: Arkham Knight came out five years ago, and Rocksteady went silent afterward. Yeah, there was the Batman: Arkham VR, but that was like a tech demo for Playstation VR as it was a launch title for the new headset. It wasn’t bad, but it was still an early VR title, so not exactly swinging for the stars either.

Thoughts about what Rocksteady’s next project was going to do range from one extreme to the next. Ranging as far as an “Arkham-version of The Court of Owls” to finally giving Superman the proper video game he was long overdue for. Who knows what it was going to be, but all we did know was Rocksteady was likely working on the next big DC video game. Well, we finally found out what it’s going to be and… it seems we are going to go with the worst heroes ever.

And yes, that is how DC describes The Suicide Squad.

How to build a team of heroes (or Villains)

So it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to consider that superhero team-ups are pretty popular. Take a group of special individuals, give them a fancy team name and toss them against a threat that is so big, you will need to have everyone working together to overcome it. There is just a slight complication with the DC heroes: They are slightly overpowering. There’s a reason why it seems no one can make a proper video game on Superman Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, or so forth. Hell, chalk a few up for Batman for not only being the most interesting of the Justice League heroes but also having the best video games within the DC property. So if making a game on a group of heroes isn’t going to work? Where do we turn to?

Well, if we were to channel our inner Amanda Waller, “Let’s build a team of some very bad people, who can do some good.”

And thus we have the Suicide Squad! A group of super-villains who have micro-bomb implants in their skulls and have to do Waller’s bidding if they don’t want their gray matter to violently explode in all directions! What better motivator is there than the threat of a painful death? Well, there’s also the ability to get parole and reduced sentences, but mostly threats via violent, cranial explosions.

While the comics themselves are fairly popular in their own right and featuring a nice range of villains you normally don’t get to see fight your favorite heroes, their recent on-screen version was… meh. But in the hand of Rocksteady, what could we possibly expect to see?

Well, could it be possible that Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment wants their own Avengers?

Could Suicide Squad the next Avengers?

So while we are going to see what Suicide Squad is all about on August 22, that isn’t going to stop some from speculating what we could see. After all, if your teaser image has a crosshair on Superman, it is safe to assume you are sending a bunch of villains on a literal suicide mission.

Given what genre we’re talking about right now, and the people who are making it, it is fairly possible we could be looking at another single-player experience. Mind you there is no “Standout” character within the Suicide Squad so it could be possible we could play with characters like Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, or Harley Quinn. Honestly, the membership for being in the Suicide Squad ranges quite a bit but it would likely stay within a small cast of memorable members. With many different characters with many different play styles, it could be possible that as you play through the game, you will get to change between the villains to fight off waves of enemies and confront whatever threat Waller wants you to take down.

But consider this: What if we find out that Rocksteady wanted to make a proper Multiplayer game this time around? And no, we’re not talking about the asymmetric 3v3v2 game mode from Arkham Origins. Not to say that Rocksteady is taking a page out of the upcoming Avengers game, but rather, the idea would be how in a big open world, you have your villains who can either team up with each other or go solo in taking down whatever that needs taking down. Who knows if the main target will be Superman, or if the rest of the Justice League will also be targets. Perhaps it can even be a continuation of the Arkham storyline.

What do you think?

Could Suicide Squad be a multiplayer title? Or will it be another single-player experience that lets you play one or multiple members of the team? We won’t have to wait too long to get those answers, but considering how this is going to be Rocksteady’s first big title for the next generation, there will be a lot of high expectations on it to deliver. Let’s just hope the wait will be worth it and this could be the start of a big “DC Gaming Universe.” If Avengers is hoping to continue the trend of successful Marvel games after Spider-Man, perhaps Suicide Squad will mark the beginning of video games where we can play as more heroes than just Batman.

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