How to build a team of heroes (or Villains)

So it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to consider that superhero team-ups are pretty popular. Take a group of special individuals, give them a fancy team name and toss them against a threat that is so big, you will need to have everyone working together to overcome it. There is just a slight complication with the DC heroes: They are slightly overpowering. There’s a reason why it seems no one can make a proper video game on Superman Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, or so forth. Hell, chalk a few up for Batman for not only being the most interesting of the Justice League heroes but also having the best video games within the DC property. So if making a game on a group of heroes isn’t going to work? Where do we turn to?

Could Suicide Squad the next Avengers?

So while we are going to see what Suicide Squad is all about on August 22, that isn’t going to stop some from speculating what we could see. After all, if your teaser image has a crosshair on Superman, it is safe to assume you are sending a bunch of villains on a literal suicide mission.

What do you think?

Could Suicide Squad be a multiplayer title? Or will it be another single-player experience that lets you play one or multiple members of the team? We won’t have to wait too long to get those answers, but considering how this is going to be Rocksteady’s first big title for the next generation, there will be a lot of high expectations on it to deliver. Let’s just hope the wait will be worth it and this could be the start of a big “DC Gaming Universe.” If Avengers is hoping to continue the trend of successful Marvel games after Spider-Man, perhaps Suicide Squad will mark the beginning of video games where we can play as more heroes than just Batman.



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