The Blizzcon 2019 Rumor Mill (Overwatch/Diablo)

Higher Hopes for Blizzcon 2019?

Overwatch 2– Sequel? Or Expansion?

  • This year’s cinematic will feature plenty of the game’s heroes and will have a moment when Mei gets hurt but is saved by Genji).
  • After the cinematic ends, we will see the announcement for Overwatch 2 shortly afterward.
  • We will indeed see a PvE mode, but the game will have PvP too.
  • Overwatch 2 will have a leveling system to level up heroes and change certain abilities (although it is difficult to say if this will be in one mode or both modes)
  • The example given was how you could shift Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, where if you stick your opponent, other enemies nearby the target also get stuck with a pulse bomb.
  • Overwatch 2 will not be an expansion.

No new heroes? And not an expansion?

How much Diablo are we getting at Blizzcon?

A New Game and A Remaster?!

So What Do You Think?



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