Callum — Many gaming outlets are so large their views and methods of reviewing have become both decentralised and ineffective. What has this meant for the way reviews are being written, and how can we combat this?

Arbitrary Numbers Don’t Do Games Justice

A Lack Of Consistency

Publishers Buying Popularity?

Will — The bigger gaming journalism has become, the more voices have emerged, what does this mean for their legitimacy and trust worthy nature? What can be done to change this?

Scratching Itches That Aren’t There

Novice Gamers With ‘Expert’ Views

Politics Taking Centre Stage

Callum — Being able to find whatever you want, whenever you want, might be a blessing. But the internet has caused as many problems as it has resolved in terms of how gaming journalism is both consumed and created. So what’s going on?

Opinion Stated As Fact

Leak Culture

Will — It’s no secret that live events such as E3 have been on the decline for many years now, but what does the changing landscape of these ‘live events’ mean for journalists and fans in the industry? And what’s the solution?

Rebuilding Relationships

Clickbait Is Often Rewarded

Callum — This pandemic has had massive effects on the gaming industry in terms of releases, new content to report on and those in the industry even being able to get to work. How has this contributed to the gaming journalist decline?

Forced To Write Retrospectively

Will — One thing that a lot of traditional gaming journalists have lost is character, they don’t value any sort of individualism or aim to be entertaining anymore. Why is that? Where has it come from? What can be done?

A Less Rigid Approach is Needed

A Satirical Jab

Closing Thoughts



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