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Abby from The Last of Us Part II has stirred up controversy. Her role in the highly anticipated sequel has been the talk on social media and online forums. Some of the conversations center around her actions in the game: Who she is, her story, and the choices she makes. These are fine criticisms and conversations to have about a character, definitely not about an actress.

Unfortunately, these online discussions have also highlighted a much deeper issue in video game culture: sexism. Many players have found issue with Abby’s physical depiction and declared an outcry against realism, but haven’t actually backed that up without sounding… sexist.

Note: This article contains some minor spoilers for The Last of Us Part II

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Since Abby’s introduction, one of the focal points of conversation is her body. People claim she is unrealistic given the post-apocalyptic world the game takes place in. This is, of course, despite the fact that she lives in a massive human encampment equipped with a fully functional gym and cafeteria (supplied thanks to the massive agricultural system run by WLF). Plus, as one Reddit user points out, the dishes in Abby’s sink suggest her food is unrationed.

Abby has also been heavily involved in militarized operations for several years by the time The Last of Us Part II takes place. From her time in the Fireflies to her work with WLF (both organizations with the resources to train soldiers), Abby has been training. Why wouldn’t she be buff? (Editors Note: Or why can’t she be buff?)

Regardless, we shouldn’t be speculating about Abby’s appearance at all, as it is irrelevant to the story. Having these conversations suggests women’s bodies are up to discussion, as opposed to what they, as individuals, contribute to the game. It’s tiresome. Conversations explaining why this is problematic is tiresome. But they are necessary to keep having so as long as people keep complaining about female bodies.

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