When We Might See WB Games Next Batman Game

A few days ago on Twitter, WB Games Montreal released a small teaser on Batman Day with various symbols. For those who don’t know, WB Games Montreal are the developers of Batman: Arkham Origins & Arkham Knight’s DLCs. While Arkham Origins is usually regarded as the black sheep, fans admire WB Games Montreal for their potential and efforts. Fans of the series expected to see the teased Batman during Sony’s third State Of Play Livestream. However, most viewers were disappointed to see no new DC game from either Rocksteady or WB Games Montreal. I wasn’t expecting to see anything Batman related in this Livestream when the main focus was The Last Of Us Part 2. Now people are speculating when we might see the teased Batman Arkham game or anything DC related. Well, I discuss the two main events where it might show up.

New York Comic-Con

Out of two events, I will discuss that the next Arkham game could appear it, this one is the least likely of the two. There are some people out there that believe that we might see the new game there, but I can’t believe that. Mainly for the reason that New York Comic-Con isn’t as big of as event compared to the other event, I will discuss. Also, knowing WB Games, they would want a huge presentation for a big game like a new Batman Arkham game. But I don’t want to disregard the possibility it might show up at New York Comic-Con.

Firstly, it would be appropriate to show the next Batman Arkham game at a Comic-Con event. Especially since Batman Day recently occurred and Batman is a huge pop culture icon. Secondly, it wouldn’t be the first time where WB Games reveals a big name title on a random day. Middle Earth: Shadow Of War, a sequel to a highly regarded game, was officially announced on February 27th. That was a random day to unveil a huge game, and yet it still generated hype and press from the internet. So I’d say it’s possible that WB Games Montreal next game will be shown at New York Comic-Con. I just think it’s very unlikely.

The Game Awards 2019

Now, this would be the smartest pick WB Games could choose out of the two events. As of late, The Game Awards is known as one of the biggest gaming events of the year compared to events like E3 & Gamescom. So it kind of doesn’t make sense why WB Games would choose New York Comic-Con over The Game Awards. The only reason why I think they would reveal the next Batman game at New York Comic-Con is if they got an even bigger game for TGA. Unfortunately, The only game that could surpass the next Arkham game in terms of anticipation is Rocksteady’s unknown next game & the leaked Harry Potter RPG. But I think those two mentioned games are going to next-gen exclusives.

WB Games even has some positive history with The Game Awards and the host Geoff Keighley. For example, in 2015, Batman Arkham Knight was nominated for several awards such as Best Action Games & Best Art Direction. Even going back in 2011 when The Game Awards was known as VGX. Batman Arkham City won several awards including Game Of The Year.

The most recent example is last year at The Game Awards 2018. Netherrealms Studios (Who’s also owned by WB Games) founder, ED Boon appeared on stage and presented a cheeky announcement. It seems like he’s going to present the award for the best sports game. This is hilariously odd since he is known for his Mortal Kombat games. Just as he’s about to announce the winner, the stage gets hijacked with an announcement trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. This caught many viewers watching by surprise and I wouldn’t be surprised if WB Games want to try to do it again with the new Batman Arkham game.

In Conclusion

In the end, I think that the next Batman Arkham game by WB Games Montreal will be soon at The Games Awards and be a mid-2020 title. For those are who are wondering when will see Rocksteady’s next game. I think if Sony does do a February PS5 reveal event. Rocksteady will unveil their potential Justice League game or whatever they are working on. Mainly for the sheer fact that Rocksteady has a strong relationship with the PlayStation. Especially during the release of Batman Arkham Knight with exclusive DLCs and marketing. For those who don’t me that well, I’m a huge Batman Arkham fan. So I wish that the next Batman Arkham was revealed during the State Of Play but I’m trying to be realistic. The Arkham series one of my favourite game franchises of all time and I plan to cover all news Arkham or DC related!

Do you agree with my thoughts? When do you think the next Batman Arkham game will be shown? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter, or in our community Discord!



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