Kinetic Edge is the latest game from SCT and is a very fun and challenging Puzzle — Racing game that will have you playing for hours.

Playing Kinetic Edge was a completely new experience for me, I don’t usually play puzzle games but I found myself enjoying the game from start to finish.

Booting up the game you are treated to a well designed main menu that is very simple to navigate and doesn’t throw unnecessary information at you. The soundtrack is also great and fits very well with the theme of the game.

Kinetic Edge allows players to play…

For a game that is over ten years old now, League of Legends is making some big changes to how they are approaching the old with the new. Alongside with all the new changes to the gameplay and teases of upcoming champions, Riot is once more diving back into the Champion update and are looking at five possible choices of who should get their visuals and gameplay (VGU) updated for the current version of the game.

Previously, we got to see updates done for champions like Fiddlesticks and Volibear, and last year Dr. Mundo got his chance to get an…

SuperMash is a multicart thrown into a blender.

I distinctly remember my first exposure to multicarts. I had just popped in Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits for the N64, and my mind was a tizzy with excitement. How could gaming get any better than this? This experience brought back even older memories of wandering through arcades, paralyzed by the endless possibility of games. Surely, SuperMash, a game that purports to improve on the multicart — by taking the games and amalgamating them together — couldn’t possibly be a miss. But, after playing, I’m reminded by a fact that I discovered that day in front of the N64. …

Are you tired of the same dull controller you used since buying your console? Or probably tired of the sticky residue attached to your controller? Well, you can upgrade your regular controller to an Xbox Elite Series…Oh, wait you only have 100 dollars left in your account? Well, you are in luck, because Power A has a cheaper alternative that is sure to give you the upgrade that you need. Introducing the Fusion Pro Wired Controller. Modeled similarly after the first party Xbox Elite Series controller, the Fusion Pro is in a class of its own in the third party…


How did Resident Evil 4 change third-person games forever?

It’s weird to think that we didn’t always have the over-the-shoulder camera angle. Throughout the past 15 years, it’s become a staple of third-person action games. As my fellow writer Mike Solseth said, it gives players a “connection with your character” that you might not otherwise get. Yet, most gamers don’t know how it came about, and how Resident Evil 4‘s innovations changed action games forever.

Horror revolution

It is hard to believe that Batman: Arkham Knight came out five years ago, and Rocksteady went silent afterward. Yeah, there was the Batman: Arkham VR, but that was like a tech demo for Playstation VR as it was a launch title for the new headset. It wasn’t bad, but it was still an early VR title, so not exactly swinging for the stars either.

Battle Royale games have been a part of the gaming community as of late. The genre has garnished new heights with its last man standing premise. Within this premise, you have options to either play solo or tag along with your friends in squads. Starting from the PC underground days of H1Z1 into the mainstream pop culture with Fortnite, battle royale is here to stay. It seems nowadays everyone is hoping to get a slice of the battle royale pie. It’s a hit craze that has pulled gamers away from traditional multiplayer and single-player experiences. You are not guaranteed to…

Microsoft is not playing around. Ahead of the Xbox Series X launch, Microsoft is adding many new services and options for users, likely in a bid to convince gamers that they are the better choice once Gen 9 consoles are released later this year. Unlike Sony, Microsoft is clearly aiming their products towards consumer satisfaction, rather than short term profitability. If the strategy works out, Microsoft’s long term profits and number of users could skyrocket.

One such bid to stay ahead of Sony’s Playstation 5 release is Xbox Play Anywhere, a service that gives gamers far more value for money…

The Legend of Zelda is a widely popular franchise, having sold over 108 million copies since the release of the original “Legend of Zelda” title on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is one of the best selling franchises in the world, and for a good reason. In today’s article, I would like to go over the top five Legend of Zelda games, in my opinion, and why they are so good.

Number 5) A Link to the Past

The Last Of Us: Part 2 is one of the latest memorable games to come out on the Playstation 4. We are welcomed back to the world of the deadly infected and fearful human enemies with Ellie and Joel. There are twists and turns that many players will not expect in the game. There’s also a lot to be said for the graphical and gameplay details. With the game being out for a while now, and the reviews all out of the way, we can comfortably judge the game for exactly what it is. …

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